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Virgin Mary

Our Lady of Ephesus is a Christian sanctuary located in the ancient city of Ephesus in the Izmir province of Turkey. Ephesus is known as an important city and port city during the ancient Roman period. In this city, Christianity has become an important center associated with the Virgin Mary.

According to Christian belief, Virgin Mary is considered the mother of Jesus and is highly respected in Christianity. Our Lady of Ephesus is traditionally considered the place where the Virgin Mary spent her last years and died. According to this belief, Virgin Mary came to Ephesus, died there, and then ascended to heaven. This event is referred to as the "Ascension of the Virgin Mary".

It is considered to be an important religious and tourist attraction for visitors to the Virgin Mary of Ephesus. There is a place here that is considered to be the house of the Virgin Mary and this place is considered a sacred place for Christians. Many Christians and tourists visit Virgin Mary of Ephesus throughout the year.

Although there is no definitive historical evidence as to whether the Virgin Mary came to Ephesus and died there, this belief is considered an important religious symbol for Christians. Therefore, Virgin Mary of Ephesus is known as a place of great importance both religiously and culturally.

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